I’m Selling Your Winning!

I’ve never been good at letting my clothes go.  I’ll hold on to them much longer magazines, jewelry, my taste for certain dishes or even certain people.   With time, everything changes, and possession of too many objects just becomes… too much. I have only so much storage space in my apartment, and there are certain garments that just have not been getting the proper showtime they deserve. Out with what-was-once-loved, and the best way to do that would be to sell them!  Now I can’t just post photos of these pieces without sharing some styling tips with you, what kind of fashion expert would I be if I didn’t?

yumi kim romper day to night

We’ll start with this silk Yumi Kim romper. I’m letting go of this beauty, a size medium, for $65.00, but if you have a similar piece, the style tips below should work for your one-piece wonder also!

The beauty of faking the two-piece outfit with a garment like this, but you can use the romper to create the short-suit trend we’re loving right now.  Find a flattering navy blazer, like this one from Mango, or use one of the colors from the printed portion of the romper to find a blazer or jacket to create a color-blocked suit.  A handbag in a color and texture that compliments the clothes plus a pair of flats or sandals to keep the head-to-toe outfit cool, professional, and not overly sexy for day-time attire.

At night, subtract the blazer and add a couple of inches with your footwear.  Keep the jewelry to a minimum since you want the romper to remain the attention getter!

Email info@romeostyle.com for inquires about the romper.



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