Monday Men Style: Clique Pageants

menstyle clique awards

Men on display one after the other, and all we can do is stare at the beautiful creatures they are in bulk?  We don’t usually see groups of men hanging out socially unless it involves sports, or in a meeting or minds on the field… no just sports. Unfortunately men who attend those athletic games in groups, usually don’t look as cool and sexy as those gentlemen who work the global fashion weeks circuit.

Men’s Fashion Week is in full swing in Europe, and the attendees get as much or more attention than the fashion designs they’re there to see.  With the variety of well-dressed men photographed in groups, I had to make it easier for my our viewing, therefore I’d like to introduce you all to my first Men’s’ Street-Style Pageant.

This being the first I wanted to be the only judge, inspect and study my subjects without anyone influencing my final decision. I take my judging responsibilites seriously, you understand.  Next season,I’ll work on adding more judges to the voting panel, to spice things up!

In the clique categories today, there are six titles, each with a winning photograph shot by Streetfsn.  The winner is…

Best Shortie Line Up

menstyle clique awards 7

Best Twinies

menstyle clique awards 4

Best Hat Parade

menstyle clique awards 3

Best Framed Duo

menstyle clique awards 2

Best Suit and Tie Line Up: It’s a tie.

menstyle clique awards 8menstyle clique awards 6

Best Display of Ankles.

menstyle clique awards 5

Ph: Streetfsn


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