Monday Men Style: Casey Neistat

His appearance, the way he carries himself, how he presents himself to the world! When we talk about a man’s style the first thing that comes to mind is a gentleman’s attire and how he puts its all together, well this week the clothes are taking a back burner to the movie-making manner and how filmmaker Casey Neistat presents his body of work to us.

Casey Nesitat¬†He doesn’t have anything to do with the world of fashion, as far as I know, but his own creative style is enough to get your attention over and over again with every new project he shares on his YouTube channel.

New York based, Mr. Neistat uses his environment, and occurrences in his daily life as sources of inspiration for the videos he creates.

Humor is how he draws you in, making his subjects relatable is how he peeks your interests, and the risks that he takes with his own film-making style is he how keeps you coming back for more.

My favorites from Casey changes with every few he posts, so this week I’ll share my top four.

Make It Count

Bike Lanes

The Mercedes CLA Project Part 1 of 4

The CLA Project part 2 of 4

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