Head-Wrapping Moments

head wraps and turbans

For the love of head wraps came about because of my lazy ways.  My Afro may look cool, and help me add at least a foot to my height, but with my extremely curly hair, and the unavoidable tangles at the end of the day, combing/picking out my hair with an Afro pic everyday started to take it’s toll on my hair.  I’m also a less is more gal with hair and beauty maintenance , so if I have to spend more time on my hair each day than the amount of time it takes me to prepare and eat a meal, I have a problem with that.  

To save time during the week, and protect my hair from constant pulling, combing and touching from inquiring people wondering how my hair stands up instead of falls down, I decided to wrap it up!

I’ve been rocking the head wrap/turban way of styling for over a year and I can’t leave home with it now.  I’ve used materials purchased from fabric stores, scarves purchased on Ebay, H&M and now my new obsession are Tolani scarves in bright, beautiful prints that work for any day of the week, for any meeting or event I have to attend, and just for a day I need to fake to the funk!

I started wrapping Tolani‘s scarves on my head just about the time a friend emailed me a link to “A History of the Fashion Turban.”  The images shows how the head wrap has evolved over the centuries from a simple cover up to a glamorous accessory used to avoid a bad hair day.

So you know what I did?  Imitation is the best for of flattery, and I just had to put myself in historically, stylist company!girl with a pearl earring_headwrap1

Girl With A Pearl Earring.

gloria swanson_headwrap2

Gloria Swanson


greta garbo_headwrap3

Greta Garbo


maria berenson_headwrap4

Marisa Berenson


lana turner_headwrap5

Lana Turner


 Tolani scarves worn as head wraps. Bjorg ring // Uncommon Matters neckpiece

More head-wrapping goodies below.

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