Fashion Summer Survival Begins

summer fashion tips

Looking fashionable while trying to maintain your cool, chic appearance at all times can be difficult during the heat waves which are sure to happen.  It is the hot question as of late, and since most of the country has been getting 80 plus degree days it the middle of spring, it’s prep time ladies for the near future.  Here are five fashionable style tips we can start working on, so you’ll be ready for the  heated, hot-as-hell summer days ahead of us.

summer fashion tips 1

Loosey Goosey with your clothes only.  The feeling of tight clothes on certain parts of your body is like that extra layer of skin you actually paid for.  What an uncomfortable, sweaty feeling that could be.  A big trend this spring/summer is all about volume, playing with the sizes and shapes of our clothes, use it to your advance, and wear pieces that are loose-fitted.  Examples would be wide-legs pants, full-midi skirts or shift mod inspired dresses!

summer fashion tips 2

Printed Goddess: It is the time of year we like to adorn our bodies with as many prints and patterns as possible to get us into the seasonal spirit of things.  Wearing printed pieces on the hot days can also be a chic way to hide embarrassing sweaty moments.

summer fashion tips 3

Feeling cool and looking summer chic in a heat wave for some of us can also be accomplished with three words, all-white outfits!

summer fashion tips 4

Pastel Pushers: If you’re not ready to wear an all-white outfit, but want to look like an angelic summer beauty, pastel colored pieces will help you accomplish that!

summer fashion tips 5

Show a little, show a lot, it’s completely up to you as to which garments you want others to see-through while you wear sheer pieces. Short-sleeve sheer tops with a cami, sheer inserts in dresses or skirts that can add a bit of sex appeal while maintaining your cool on summer days.


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