Three Stooges of Summer Bags

summer handbags

We’ll find any excuse to flaunt new shapes, and colors with the clothes we wear during spring and summer while our handbags tend to not get as much attention.  Go on, take a good long look at your pitiful handbags for the season, things looking a bit stale huh?

My fellow fashionable sisthrens the type of clothes you wore during the winter will not be the same garments you plan on wearing during the spring and summer  so why would you wear the same handbags?

The handbag you wear to work shouldn’t be the same you’ll use during the weekend while brunching or shopping.  Your everyday bag shouldn’t not be in your hands or on your shoulders when you go to dinner.

During the hotter months, less is more with the amount of clothes on our backs, the type of shoes on our feet, the jewelry we’ll be flashing, and the handbags styles we’ll be toting.

1. A tote bag is definitely one for any day of the week. You want it big enough to carry your paperwork to the office, and to hide any evidence of your shopping spree from your significant other once you return home.

rstyle totes ss13

2. All you need is a handful for your night-time glamour. A clutch in different shapes, sizes and textures is something to hold onto or tuck under your arm during summer sexy nights.

rstyle cluthes ss13 B

3. Ever thought about backpacking on the weekends? No wilderness or mountain trails needed; just some fun, cool printed backpacks as an alternative to your weekend carry-all.  Let your time off also be hands off your bags while exploring your local boondocks or boutiques.

rstyle backpacks ss13

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