Monday Men Style: Cool Wooling It.

cool wool savile row

cool wool savile row 2

The couturiers of menswear are all for putting wool on the backs of their well-dressed clients during the hotter months of the year, and in the hottest cities in the world.  

It’s the Cool Wool, a special range of fine, lightweight Merino wool fabrics whose natural breathability and temperature control united with innovated manufacturing techniques, which makes it a perfect suiting fabric throughout the year.

Once the fine tailors on Savile Row started using Cool Wool, the clients demanding their bespoke tailoring skills were sure to expand to those living in warmer climates year round, with such places as the Middle East or Sierra Leone.

The skillful scissor-slinging men are supporting The Woolmark Company’s Cool Wool campaign in this video where they share the pros and…well more pros of wearing this natural fiber that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cool Wool on Savile Row from Savile Row Collections on Vimeo.

Cool Wool Campaign


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