Style Tips: “Hide Me” Sweat Said “Hide Me.”

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When you’re a slave to fashion, if there is a will you’ll find a way. Just so happens I’ve found several in order to keep my nickname Ms. Cheeky and avoid being called Ms. Sweaty Checks. I’m a sweater, through the pores that is. It’s a sweating problem that I’ve suffered from most of my life, which makes me an expert on this topic.  Through trial and damp error, I’ve figured out which garments to wear during certain seasons of the year, from the fabrics that are sweat friendly to undergarments which prevents those embarrassing moments from happening. 

1. Color me happy.

There are several reasons why we love wearing more color during the hotter months, but there are times that darker is better.  Better for those who need to hide sweat marks. Different shades of navy blue or black are good choices. Lighter colors such as light pinks, yellows or greens, the pastels and bright hues will make your sweat more noticeable.

 2. Printed on.

If wearing solids dark colors will not fit into your hot-day looks well try printed garments.  Florals and graphics prints can hide at least two underarms full of sins. It’s also a way to wear all the bright colors your body and eyes can handle.

 3. Summer layering to save face.

I know you may not want wear more clothes than needed during the hot summer days, but sometimes an extra layer is that barrier which stands between your sweaty ways and the eyes of the world. Best to protect your expensive garments and save money on dry cleaning with inexpensive, tight short-sleeved, low neckline t-shirts. The layer of clothing is there to absorb most of the sweat while you’re outside walking from one air-conditioned building to another.

4.  Liners lining something other that your pantie.

This is definitely one tool that top fashion stylists always have on hand for their clients.  Pantie liners are thin and a brilliant way to absorb sweat.  Cut a liner in half then place each between your armpit and your shirt while using the adhesive to secure the liner in place.

5. Materials that saves the day.

Many people don’t realize that sometimes the materials we wear are possibly the reasons behind most of those sweat-marks-the-spot moments. Cotton is a good choice to maintain your cool but 100% of it makes it hard to hide the sweat marks especially in lighter colors.  Blends of rayon, linen, cotton, polyester plus  wick-away-moisture fabrics are just some options.

I hope these tips will be helpful to those who have been searching for solutions to hide sweating evidence letting you focus more on the C’s of summer: calm, cool, composed, confident, collected, chic…

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