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My obsession with fashion, as I know it, started with glossy pages, and if I had my way I would be sleeping on the magazine collection I once owned. No joke. Before there were e-magazines, online editorial destination or digital versions of our monthly fashion obsessions I had subscriptions to Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, W magazine, Vogue, UK Vogue, UK Elle for almost ten years. A little over 800 hundred magazines, could of made a good base for bed, but having my magazines be 800 hundred reasons for some sleepless nights I just couldn’t do.

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Long story short, I no longer have the need to feel those pages between my fingers every month since I can now touch the creations from the designers directly, but I still wanted a place to gather all those images that capture and motivate me.  With the beauty of web I can hold on to the past, view the present and prepare for the future with images from all over the world saved on my tumblr page.  Being green about my paper consumption is also saving me some green in my purse. So I would like you’ll to treat like you would a candy store without the consequences.  Visit it today and every day to see images that can inspire you just as much as they do inspire me.  Let the posts be visual treats, let them feed your imagination, and keep you salviating for more, without worrying about dental visits.

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romeostyle tumblr

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