Michael Bastian Fall 2013: Inspiration and Stimulation.

michael bastian

Ph: GQ.com

Last week, a friend shared a video link to Michael Bastian’s Fall 2013 show accompanied with the comment, “This is what I watch when I SHOULD be writing..ENJOY (:”  I began to watch the video on my phone, but after the first five guys stroked me walked out onto the runway I stopped watching.  I waited until I made it home that night, got comfortable and watch the entire show without distractions.

Actually I watched the video twice.  First play around was for inspirational purposes, being the serious stylist I am.  I tried to focus on the clothes, accessories, the styled looks created by Michael Bastian, but those men looked so bloody good I just gave up, scrolled back to the beginning video and watched the presentation for what it was, the male version of a Victoria’s Secret show.  I don’t need the men half naked, walking down the runway, to know what they’re working.  Their strong strides while wearing Bastian’s tough, layered looks, did stimulate myself and others in all the right…just play it again.

Michael Bastian Fall / Winter 2013 from Eugenia Gonzalez on Vimeo.

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