Fashion’s Shoulder Slingers

Fashion Shoulder Slingers

The first time I saw this new look during New York Fashion Week almost two years ago, I loved it but, I said to myself that those ladies obviously don’t live among us daily street-walkers in the city.  To wear an open coat, or jacket over your shoulders without securing it while doing everyday activities on the go are impossible.  Let me list some possible scenarios.

1.Taking the subway.  A turnstile will slide that baby off your shoulder onto the ground in a second.

2. Hailing a cab.  Might as well drape the garment on one shoulder like a mexican bull fighter.

3.Walking along one of the major avenues in the city.  It will be only a matter of time before someone bumps the garment off your shoulders, and in return they’ll curse you out for making them do that.

4. Hugging friends.  Don’t hug them, they’ll hug you.

5. Carrying medium size bags on your shoulders under the coat, jacket or trench draped your shoulders. Do you want to look like the only woman whose pregnant in the hip?

See where this is going?  So far only fashion week attendees who have their own drivers, walk the short distances from one venue to another, don’t embrace but kiss on checks, or carry clutches in their hands, have rocked the shoulder-slinger trend which has yet to drape onto everyone else.  But if there is a will there is a way, and soon enough those of us who want to will be able to twirl freely without holding onto our shoulders.  Capes not included.

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