Monday Men Style: Men Have Couture Too.

P Diddy Gets Measured For A Suit At Ozwald Boateng On Saville Row


Menswear designer Ozwald Boateng working his tailoring magic on Diddy.

Dev Patel on savill Row


Actor Dev Patel on Saville Row known for its traditional bespoke tailoring.

Men wouldn’t dare call their some of their garments couture, but there are more men walking around with couture garments than women.

Definition of Haute Couture: Designers that create exclusive, expensive and trend-setting fashions for women.  That’s straight from merriam-webster dictionary, but I think it needs to be updated to include the men that share the same love affair with fashion most women have.

Bruno Vincent:Getty Images a suit and bespoken

Some men actually act more like pre-madonna’s over beauty care and fashion than women, but if the suit fits, it’s most likely couture, or custom made, or to make it sound good-looking I’ll call it bespoken.  It is an English word that means a clothing item made to a buyer’s specification (personalised or tailored).

So while a woman may have a couture dress to call her own, her male counterpart may stand next to her with a bespoken suit on, completing a made-to-order couple of fashion.

well-suited 2 well-suited well suited 3

PH: GQ, Getty, Tumblr

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