What A Dream From Bjorg Odyssey

bjorg jewellery DEW_OF_DREAMS_2 bjorg jewellery VALLEY_OF_TEARS

The severed head on the silver platter doesn’t bother me.   Girl cutting her long red hair and naked doesn’t bother me. The model holding an object that looks like a brain doesn’t even phrase me.  What I’m having trouble with is the jewelry feathered in Bjorg’s lookbook didn’t give me a bigger selection pieces to gasp at.  (I am so greedy with food and fashion)

These photos don’t do the jewelry justice from a brand that goes against the grain to create masterpieces we all can wear,  but only a few are cool enough to do so.  I’m quite sure, I’ll find some project to incorporate Bjorg “Odyessey” collection in, but until then see if you can look up from the silver platter and admire the unique reations.

bjorg jewellery SECRET_CARRIER bjorg jewelleryFULL_MOON LUNAR_SHORE bjorg jewellery PURE_GOLD bjorg jewellery DEW_OF_DREAMS_1 bjorg jewellery RIVER_OF_TIME bjorg jewellery NEW_DAWN

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