Rite Of Chanel Passage.

Should it be the classic Chanel jacket, the quilted handbag?  Maybe it’s Chanel perfume/cologne or all of the above!

To call any one of those a rite of passage from the legendary fashion house just doesn’t  have the same effect now that it did about a decade ago.  To own a piece of Chanel then was a sign of success and wealth.  You may have inherited your bag as a family heirloom, and you cherished it by taking it out on only special occasions.


Fast forward to present day and everybody is carrying that quilted double C thing, even the babies.  The quilted logo bags, to some, are treated like the recyclable grocery bags.   We no longer stare at Chanel bag owners with the stink eye or ponder robbing and running, possibility serving some jail time if caught, because the quilted number no longer holds that power over us.  We see the handbags so often now, you can play the drinking game every time you see a Chanel.

Every iconic handbag has those moments in time when the masses wear them like uniforms.  Louis Vuitton had the Speedy, Fendi the Baguette, and Gucci gave us the Hobo. Once upon a time, those it-handbags were at more corners than hookers, but where are they now?  Not dead; the styles have been revised, revisited, and revealed ever so often.  The same will happen to the Chanel quilted handbag.  It has to, because no bag is meant to reign forever.

So what are we to do with this Rite Of Chanel Passage?   We need something that will have others notice the wearer, to serve and protect, and I’ve found one that will do all of the above and then some. chanel hula hoop bag 3a

The Chanel Hula Hoop Bag can serve the purpose of getting others jealous, green-eyed and wondering how did you get your hands on that over-the-top piece.

To have the bag protect you, well there should be instructions or a video somewhere showing how the hula hoop bag can be used as a weapon because those who didn’t care about robbing in the past may want to once they see you carrying that hot piece of quilted leather.

chanel ss2013 hula hoop bag

If you’re not ready for the bag that’s larger than some children, Chanel has a shrunken version of the runway piece which will retail for $2,400 spring/summer 2013.  Remember it’s to serve and protect.

Illustrations by Moi!

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