Monday Men Style: You Hunk Of A Trendsetter.

The men have started it. roaming the Italian streets glaring, walking with swag, charming those who pass by with smiles all the while dressed in high fashion.  But if you weren’t close enough you would of missed trends this batch of men were serving during Pitto Uomo Fall 2013 tradeshows in Florence. I browsed through the photographs taken by Tommy Ton, and found some good looking men were thinking alike while others were creating trends all by their lonesome. men style stripes


A little bit of stripes can do a body good.

men style  head to toe one color

Different shades, different textures, one color one head-to-toe look.

men style  hat

Nothing wrong with having your hat carry somethings for you.

men style  buttons

These are the fellas form of a brooch.

men style neckwear

One minute its a scarf, next minute, neck-ware.

men style  gloves

Instead of holding your gloves, tuck them away for safe keeping.

men style  turtleneck

No scarf needed when you can look this good in a turtleneck.


Let it hang for all to see.

Ph: GQ

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