An Instagramful Day

When I’m away, my Instagramming fingers will play.  Since I’ve been working on other projects, trying to hustle, mobile blogging has been my way of life for the past few weeks. So when I’m M.I.A on, the photos below shows what MsRStyle has been up to.


What’s beyond the dirty white line? 2013 in NYC, of course.


I’ve been busy surrounding myself with shoe-link gangs from Kathryn Amberleigh


Examples of how you five-finger the world RomeoStyle 


Decisions Decisions? #hair up or down? Isabel Lu mini dress over Gypsy Junkies dress Tuleste Market necklace Senso shoesc580da1c618711e28e1522000a1f9a99_7

There are no sad faces in FASHION especially on such a beautifully day in NYC5737b14860d811e28b9422000a1fbe38_7

The day Muubaa jacket (similar here) &  Henrik Vibskov sweater had threesome w/moi. NOir Jewelry rings rings captured d moment.61262b1e5e7911e2af5a22000a9f18fb_7

These Henrik Vibskov hats are just waiting 2 start trouble. Monday Men Style c0fcc0de554b11e2bbd822000a9f15da_7

I’m working up d courage to try this hairstyle.  Hightop hair should add to my height right?3e7363b65d2a11e29b0e22000a9f12cb_7

We’re just getting d party started at table 1.  A New York City wedding.  31b82fb45b8411e2a68422000a1fb163_7

Some new looking glasses and I see goldddd in front of me. Eye piece from Bjorg Jewellery 

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