Hat Parade.

hat attack 2 hat attack


The ending scene of Prestige, where they’re all scattered around on the ground. Honoré Lachaille tilting it while singing the opening song in GiGi.  Then viewing several street style photographs of men wearing them in their own creative way. 

hat parade

I started wearing the one-piece wool beauties last year due to pure laziness and refusal to make my Afro presentable on certain days, and sometimes my black wool number was the suitable accessory for whatever wintry outfit I wore.    My love for hats has grown in height since then, and I’m going to milk my obsession for the short period of time I’m capable of wearing it.  Wool hats and summer just don’t mix well, and even though this particular type of accessory is accepted worldwide its just not acceptable to wear it throughout the year unless you’re into sweaty heads.

Hats: Henrik Vibskov //  Scarves: Tolani // Dress: Stine Goya // Trench: Henrik Vibskov.

Submitted to IFB Project.

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