What’s In Your Bag? Birchbox Girls Part 1

We are all nosey creatures in one way or another, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty.  We would buy those gossip magazines in a heartbeat just to see which celebrity is carrying what in their handbags, clutches or miniaudiere which were picked out for them by a team of stylists (It Takes A Village…).  I figured out a long time ago, my fellow fashion, and beauty comrades are the ones with the good stuff.  They are the experts, who carry their own villages in mobile neighborhoods (handbags).  Last year, just as New York City was getting it’s chill on, we ladies swapped out the summer necessities from our handbags for products to survive the fall/winter blues.  I figured who better to have spill the goodies from their handbags than some of the Birchbox’s finest!  Yes people, expect the expected and then some.  Pretty makeup and beauty products in prettier cases and an infamous sack.

Rachel bag 1

Ready to be displayed!   That’s how I would describe the contents of Rachel Silver‘s handbag.  Taken out of the bag with caution, placed neatly and then lined up in a row.  Being my first victim that faithful day,  all the attention fell on Rachel’s compact essentials, from her beautiful lip colors, the multiple perfume samples to the tube of Quick Curls which Rachel had all standing at attention, literally.

Rachel bag 4 Rachel bag 3One thing that did stand out was the tube of neosporin sharing space in her bag.  Even though Rachel carried the neosporin to apply on a cut, I  was told some people use it to heal chapped lips.  Learned something new with every click of the camera.

Rachel bag 6 Rachel bag Rachel is a girl who knows how to get the good stuff, perfect examples will be the IPhone prototype case from Birchbox that was never put into production making it exclusive, her $5 sunglasses being protected by a Gucci case stolen borrowed from her mother, and a handbag purchased from a sketchy store in Brooklyn that may no longer exist, but the story she’s telling going forward  is that’s a limited edition that is no longer in production.

Molly 4

Molly 1

Who knew a bag so simple in design and neutral in color could contain an array of cases covered in bright colors and prints.  Molly Meacham knows how to hide a traveling party! The three year old handbag from J Crew is perfect for everyday use due to it’s size and shape.

Molly 3 Molly 2

The umbrella from Gap wasn’t meant to blend in with others while walking, IPhone case was a gift possibly purchased on Fab.com, and an Ed Hardy lighter for someone who doesn’t smoke? “I don’t use it, but I brought it in Miami and it amuses me,” Molly informs me while laughing.  Sunglasses are Karen Walker. Fun colorful cases are from Madewell, Sandro and Anthropologie.

Notice the same brand of gum in both handbags!  Great minds think alike.

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