Goodbye My Year Long Lover.

I’m ending this year like the end of a relationship without the face-to-face goodbye and best wishes from that lover we want.  Instead, some of us may write a goodbye letter you may or may not send to that ex-lover.

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It’s almost 1am December 31st 2012. The last day of the year. Others will be ending the year and welcoming 2013 over clinging glasses and kisses, while decked out in their late night finest. Me, I’m going to write the year away and typing in to another 365 days. 

2012 you have been one of the cruelest, most unforgiving, tear jerking, vulnerable, remarkable, thought-provoking  years in my life thus far. To say you’ve been life changing is a bit of an understatement. There have been times you’ve left me on the floor sobbing, and other times smiling, laughing and leaping for joy my checks and back hurt may hurt.  Nothing some yoga stretches and face cream couldn’t take off.

I looked at everyone, every experience, everything as lessons and 2012, you’ve taught me a few that I’ve already written down for fear of forgetting them.

For the first time, I’m leaving one year scared of what another year has in store for me.

I’m quite sure there will be some good, some bad and some ugly in 2013. Each one is needed to appreciate the other, but I pray for a fistful of bad against a slap filled with ugly only for a barrel full of good to be poured over the other two.

DSquared Heels on

I’m saying my goodbye to 2012 before most people in this region of the world will. Why, because holding onto to you, 2012,  any longer is like holding on to a pair of heels that look great on my feet, but hurt like hell with every step.  Get them off, and give me my wedge sneakers so I’ll be able to handle the year ahead of me.

Farewell 2012

Love Kalyca

Side Note: This goodbye letter was obviously sent and received by 2012, but I have yet to get a response.  Maybe 2013 will give me one.

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