My Fashionable Way of Blending In.

This past week has been a crazy one which started with a very short-lived adventure that has to be shared with you’ll, in due time, but because of that event plus others that took place in the past few days, all I can do is add them to the unusual, eccentric, interesting, odd one in, collage I call my life.

There were times I wanted to hide underneath a black umbrella and blend in with everyone else, while walking in the rain, but my mind wondered as to what would be my blend-in outfit? Instead of being practical, this pretty number popped into my head.

Yup when it’s cold and raining in New York City, Maison Martin Margiela Couture is what I want to wear, face piece and lace pants included.   Ohh I didn’t stop there.I started thinking about the other face pieces Margiela presented and how I could incorporate those into my life.  No more, putting on makeup or fixing my hair,  I’ll stop wearing head wraps for awhile, or I can put the head-wraps on top of the head pieces!  I could make funny faces underneath those beautiful stones, and no one will be any wiser.  Protecting yourself from germs will no longer have you looking out-of-place for no good reason.  Out with the cheap, white, boring surgical masks and in with full face protection that will give Trojan a run for their money.  Speaking of protection, these triple M’s beauties could be the modern day chastity belts, since some people tend to put things into their mouths without thinking first. (raised eyebrow)

Since I had my rain gear and face-pieces covered, what was I to do about clothes?  I had to wear garments that would compliment my facial reaction at all times, right?  In comes Manon Kindig.

Manon Kundig‘s heavy handed doses of textures, colors and prints isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered, but who in their right mind can refuse someone who’s face is covered with scarves, surrounded by fruits and wearing slippers?  It’s so bad, it’s good.  It’s so beautifully wrong, you dare not make it right.

Manon Kundig photos via Trendland


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