Monday Men Style: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Yum

Tweed has been tagged as the stuffy, rough and unfinished fabric that rarely every gets picked as the first one off the rack.  Decades ago it was only worn during outdoor activities, for casual outerwear, and it was a favorite of the Irish.  Fashion is anything but traditional and we’ll take any chance we get to go against the grain.  So when tweed the fabric meet the world of fashion, outerwear wasn’t going to be the only category the woven fabric would stay under.  We now have modern pieces, and innovative fabric treatments to tweed that compliments our daily lives.  Just like prints, mix your tweeds, plus having the fabric in tailored separates are just tweed-ling fashion methods you can embrace during the colder months.


Photos via Tumblr, Jak & Jil, ThePremiumLife

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