Monday Men Style: Biker Brings All The Boys

I wore my leather jacket for the first time this season and it seems as though the older it gets, the more attention I receive, mostly from the fellas. One person wanted to try it on (like I was born yesterday) while another compared it to his own saying “your leather is as good as mine!” Are the biker leather jackets women wear inferior to those of our male counterparts?

Is it because we use less material?  We’re smaller in frame naturally.

Is it because we have more color options? No one is stopping you fellas from wearing blue or green distressed leather.

Or is it because wearing leather may make us look less feminine? They you’re a man who cannot handle a woman therefore doesn’t deserve to wear a biker jacket yourself.

I have to agree with the guy who commented on my biker jacket, my leather is as good as his, and with another year it will be better. Put that in your jacket and zip it all the way up.


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