Touch Some Velvet Real Good!

One pretty dress, three beautiful looks.  This Gypsy Junkies Dylan Bustier Dress was originally meant for a holiday story I was putting together, but with my impatience I needed to share it NOW!  Patience is a virtue, ….I’m typing that while nodding my head no and don’t you agree? With this burn-out velvet piece, I couldn’t just do one head-to-toe look.  The more the merrier, and easier on the wallet is what we all like.



Style Tip: This look is right on the borderline of either being dress up or dressed down. Perfect for events where you’re not sure of the dress code.  With the silver jacket, I kept that as the statement piece of the overall look.  

Style Tip: The Reiss Freddie Belt, try wearing it as a bracelet. Wrap wrap wrap that baby around making it a two-in-one accessory!

A difference some classics can make. Converse Chuck Taylors always find their way into my shoots.  They’re perfect for those ladies who aren’t the heeled-clad type, yet loves the feel of velvet against the skin!

Style Tip: Two belts are better that one; used to add color plus bring in the waist for this look. When colder, add a fitted turtleneck top under a strapless dress plus a down vest, instead of a fur one.

Now you see it, now you see half.   By adding a cool sweatshirt, you’ve transformed a dress into a skirt.  Adding tights and a jacket will give you a winter outfit.

Style Tip: Instead of the traditional rain boots, try something cooler like these Jeffrey Campbell Harrison Wedge Boots, serving their purpose during the rainy days we’re been having in New York.

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