I cannot make sense of the Prada F/W 2012 videos.  There are some well-dressed characters that belong in the retro era of fashion prada-ing around with futuristic backdrops. After the second time viewing the video, I just focused on the tailored pieces on both men and women in this Real Fantasies series directed by Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli and Fauto Fantinuoli.

Then another video campaign caught my attention. A man was having some quality time with a boat. A lot of pulling and tugging in the sand all the while, the man maintained a tailored appearance from the slick down hair all the way to the socks. “Shot on location at Blue Lagoon near Munsö, Sweden, “Stuck” directed by Axel Lindahl, does a breathtaking job of highlighting the Prada Men’s F/W 2012 collection. As featured in Russian lifestyle magazine Depesha, the beautiful and unsettling film stars Clement Chabernaud.”

STUCK from DEPESHA on Vimeo.

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