Monday Men Style: Pharrell Williams In Conversation.

Music producer, rapper, fashion designer Pharrell Williams, does well when he collaborates. From songs to fashion and art, Pharrell knows how to share the creative spotlight with the likes of Jay Z, to artist Takashi Murakami and outerwear brand Moncler, making the results artistic gold!

Design on the car by FriendsWtihYou for the video “Hot & Fun” (2010)

Pharrell Williams in GQ July 2008 Photography by James Dimmock


Left: Dark Forest outerwear line for Moncler by Pharrell Wiliams & Keita Suglura, Fall 2010. Right: For Citizen K Winter 2005 Pharrel with Catherine Deneuve in Paris. Photo by Mark Seliger


“The Simple Things” by Takashi Murakami & Pharrell Williams 2008-2009. Courtesy by Gallerie Perriton, Paris and Jacob & Co.


A still from the documentary Tokyo Rising, featuring Pharrell Williams, with VERBAL, Yoon ad Yuca Uchida. Photo by Peter Sutherland


Left: “KAWS, KURFS (Crowd)” 2007. Collection of Pharrell Williams. Artwork by KAWS. Right: Biason large ring in yellow & gold diamonds which pivots to reveal two distinct faces, 2008/2009. Courtesy of Louis Vuitton/ LB Production and Patrick Galabert

Another collaboration that had Pharrell talking, literally, was with prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid.

“Pharrell Williams: Well you happen to be my favorite architect.

Zaha Hadid: Oh, thank you so much!

PW: And favorite designer, I love everything you do—

ZH: Well we should do something together, Pharrell.

PW: Oh please, I would love to, love to, love to, love to. Even down to the shoes that you designed for Melissa. Those were amazing. [Editor’s note: Hadid’s studio designed shoes for the Brazilian label in 2009.]

ZH: Yeah, no they’re nice, well you know we work hard. We work very hard on our—let’s say—repertoire. All these years, even when it was difficult, it sort of somehow paid off in a sense because you have a repertoire, you can tackle different problems and so I think that was very important.

PW: With my next project, after my next chair, I would love to do a prefab house, have you ever done a prefab?…. ”

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