Monday Men Style: Get Me Thinking.

Think about the lawyers you’ve meet in your lifetime.  The ones you see on television, others at your local courthouse while serving jury duty, or maybe one that is a friend or you know indirectly.  Now does anyone one of them, dress like this?


We are products of our environments and StyleLike helps show us that with by featuring S.P the lawyer.  He is a Munich born Korean who lived all over Germany, now residing in New York City .  He has an obsession with anything sci-fi, and wears creations from designers who are not mainstream, and have their own aesthetic.

“The most important characteristic about a person is self-reflection. You have to have self-confidence. A little bit of arrogance is not bad, but you have to develop your thoughts and constantly work on yourself” S.P

Images and video via StyleLikeU

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