What’s In Your Bag: Sell Me Fashion

The life of a fashion showroom representative is one of modern day nomad.  They’re always on the go, traveling all over the world, entrusted with one of the most important jobs in fashion and to a designer, selling a collection to buyers.  Showroom reps make it look so easy, and Lisa Pastrich from Twnz showroom in New York is one that does it with a million dollar smile. She is part of a team responsible for brands like Muubaa, La Mer Collection, Blaque Label and Gypsy Junkies, to name a few.  She doesn’t have the luxury of not being on her A-game at all times, therefore the tools needed to maintain her appearance have to fit into a handbag that is small in appearance, but can hold its weight among a tote or two, literally.  One afternoon, just before the fashion month chaos we love so much, I asked Lisa if she wouldn’t mind sharing the everyday essentials a traveler like herself never leaves the house without.

I learned several new things that afternoon.


Lisa has no need to do weightlifting at the gym, she does her bicep curls every time she picks up this handbag. I know several of us can relate to that.

The more pens you have the better, especially as a fashion sales rep. You just want to reach into and take one out quickly, avoiding the thirty seconds search party in your handbag.

Keep an arsenal of minty breathe savers if you know talking all day long is what you do.  The q-tips stood out like a sore thumb among the pens, business card cases and Sensa.  ” Don’t judge me,” Lisa said, ” I use the q-tips to clean the makeup around my eyes throughout the day.”  Just that sentence turned into a full fledge discussion among the gals in the showroom about q-tips.   How good they feel when cleaning our ears, and the other ways we can use them for quick beauty fix its. I’m SOLD. Off to buy some more q-tips.

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