Open For Artistic Interpretation.

Someone asked me, not to long ago, what inspires me?  Where do I get my inspiration from?  It’s been so long since that question was asked of me, I did’t know how to answer it without sounding like a rambling artist speaking in tongues.  So I said the first thing that came to mind, “everywhere, anything, anyone.  I create my own story from something I’ve seen, be it a certain outfit someone is wearing, a movie or from a piece of art”

My response to that question would come into play with my recent visit to the Met Musuem’s European Sculpture Gallery.  The pieces on display each have a plaque showing the name, the country and year of origin plus the historic story behind it.  Blah Blah Blah

When I looked at some of those sculptures I saw things slightly different.

Off With His Head.  Back then they didn’t have shows like Jerry Springer to fight out their relationship problems.  They kept it nice and simple by fighting til the death and in this scenario he wanted no one depriving him of his cake, on the right, and the chance to eat it too, on the left.

Wonder what this woman with marble skin is thinking right now?  “I look good for my age so why is he giving that thing in his hand more attention than me?”

 This is what the couch potato of 18th century looked like.  She’s not too overweight since processed food was not part of their diet, but don’t be fooled, this one has a little bit of extra pounds on her, it’s just all about the well-draped dress hiding her Eat Pray Love-handles.

“Come on, more to the left, to the left Apollo, God Of Sun.  I want my entire body tanned & golden before Perseus picks me up for a hot date!”

The Original Boy Band. It has taken a very long time for some to understand, in order to have a successful boy band, you need men that look very young for their age. Ex: Backstreet Boys, N’Sync.  This would explain why this group never had success. 

Baby Daddy Problems. Just because there was no such thing as child support during that era, that doesn’t mean woman didn’t figure out a way to handle deadbeat fathers.
The mother surprised the father with all of his children who weren’t feed, and in need of baths while off she went to enjoy the spa (aka steam rooms) in a neighboring town for couple of days.

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