Monday Men Style: New Neckties

You fellas are showing us that a piece of fabric around the neck can go a long way on the right man, making the traditional necktie look like the lazy neckwear of the 90s.  From my professional observation, as a stylist, I’ve though of a couple of fashionable options a neckerchief can serve the fine gentlemen out there.

1. It’s a good substitute for a man’s necklace.

2. On a hot summer day, a brow may need wiping, and the back of your hand is a no no. Neckerchief to the rescue!

3. From the neck to the pants or the wrist, we women have options when it comes to the materials used to accessorize or wrists,  define our waists and hold up a pair of pants,  The men do also, just it’s an all in one, money saver.

4. Instead of the eyeglasses cords, a neckerchief should be a cooler holder.

5. Just like Pops said in the movie Boomerang  “The secret is that you got to coordinate!” Neckerchief to shirt.

All photos from StreetFSN

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