Ohh My Mary Janes.

Louis Vuitton

A recent visit to JCrew resulted in me trying on a special pair of shoes, their Mona patent leather mary jane heels. No more than 5 seconds after the last button was in place I had a flashback which can only be compared to food critic, Anton Ego’s, childhood memory in the movie Ratatouille. My very first MJ’s (not Marc Jacobs) were flat, patent leather, and black.  Worn with white lace-trimmed socks to church, they were the shoes that made me feel like a little princess, and were part of my first few outfits I put together that didn’t require my mother’s help.  Who can forget the first shinny thing that made them feel special?!

Those mary janes were obviously not my last pair since the single-digit age days.  Over the years, and countless other versions on my feet, I’ve had some time to figure out what works for me, and with the options of mary janes we’ll have to chose from during the fall season, the shiny flat look doesn’t do it for me anymore.  I’m into the tall, dark and strapping, strappy MJs.

Isabel Marant
Michael Kors

Mary Meet Jane…

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