Already Falling For Another Season.

T-minus 30 days and counting.  Ok add a couple more days to that since Mother Nature is never predictable when it comes to season changes, but there is nothing wrong with getting involved with another fashion season while running the course with the present one.  Treat it like a guy who is starting to get under your skin; you can’t make a clean getaway yet, but looking at others and a bit of touching shouldn’t get you in trouble.  The same goes for your future relationship with fall fashion when your current relationship with your summer clothes, shoes, and accessories are starting to die down.

Let’s try the looking approach for now by watching A/W 12 video campaigns from some of your favorite brands.  

This way it’s not so obvious as to what you’re doing, but spread out the amount you view at once.  Don’t want to raise any red flags or have temperatures rising.

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