Reiss Me Baby One More Time.

Today in New York the temperature will reach close to 100 degrees and humidity will have some of us cussing under our breathes, yet I’m sharing photos I took of Reiss’s F/W 2012 collection which I got a chance to preview.

I love staying ahead in fashion.  It’s something to look forward when we are going through hot days like this one.  We know in the coming months, that leather shorts will replace the denim ones some of us have been wearing like they’re uniforms.

Bad hair days due to humidity will no longer have us hiding under the straw brim hats that took some of us forever to find.   Instead the fall/winter hats will have us willing skip a hair appointment or two.

Plus the layered outfits will be welcomed back into our lives like the layered slices of cake that will have us covering our stomachs in the first place.

So ladies start looking ahead, it does get shinier at the end of the seasonal tunnel.

First shoes that got me gaga-ing were the Evette multi-strap flats. Ohh I can see it now, embellished or leather leggings and those flats on my feet!

A great way to gradually change your summer footwear to a fall cool kid, ditch the suede loafers for these Cassidy Derby Shoes in a high gloss finish giving you a sophisticated look.

StyleTip: The photo above shows the Benelle leather and chain belts from Reiss’ F/W 12 collections that works into my Two for One style tip.  Because of the weight, material and colors used these belts can be worn around the waist during the day and stacked around the neck for a night-time affair!

Reiss Corina ruched black faux leather case can be used as Clutch or an IPad case?  Who cares, it looks to cool for school, literally.

These Leandra lace detail sandals gave me a Hubba Hubba feeling at first sight, because I knew that they would be accepted worldwide.

–They can be worn with tampered pants to the office.

–Paired with skinny jeans and an oversize sweater.

–Let’s not forget the midi skirt that will be worn during the colder months.

–Plus new additions to the fashionable ones closets, short-suits with tights!

Thank you Reiss for the change to see your F/W 2012 collection in person. I’m looking forward to my Annie moment this winter!

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