Monday Men Style: Hold The Reiss Pose.

Hello my gents, I got a formula you guys could try in order to generate the double-looker reaction from the women and men alike during the Fall/Winter seasons this year. Definition: A person who’s irresistible or alluring head to toe look that can have us swiftly turn our head twice towards his or her direction in less than 5 seconds, deserves the Double Looker Title.

Now the formula:

A handful of suspenders.

A couple of three-piece suits (well-tailored of else forget it)

Double-breasted coats belted.

Wingtip brogue and  toe cap oxford shoes.

Add some rich fabrics and colors.

Mix those up to create the Great Gatsby, deco era look, put in a dash of the Boardwalk Empire swagger, and there you have it fellas gentlemen, Reiss Men’s collection for fall/winter 2012 that will put you into the stare-down status without a problem.

StyleTip: Hey guys, I had to put int something for us ladies with this sweater.  It is a sharing is caring piece guys. Ladies we can rock that sweater  paired with leather leggings, and sneakers. The traditional sneakers or the wedge ones!


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