Monday Men Style: The King Of Fashion

Artistic, visually captivating videos have gotten ahold of me lately. From fashion-editorial shorts to full-length movies, the clothes behind the stories have my attention the way that special light hypnotizes the flies before they’re zapped.   All of my video loving has lead me to “A Single Man,not literally the movie and the man behind those lenses, Tom Ford.

Tom Ford has been one of my favorite fashion advisors for over a decade.  Now don’t get your shorts in a twist, I have yet to meet the man in person, or exchange words, but watching his designs on the runways of Gucci and YSL from 1994-2004, all the while taking both of those fashion houses to the top of the luxury-brand ladder, you can’t help but listen to what he has to say.  Also I would advise that you watch him while he talks, or walks or works, since there is nothing wrong with gawking at a good-looking man make everything around him look good too!

Visionaries on the OWN Network featured Mr. Ford last year and it gives us a very clear picture of how this creative mind does what he does, making his name a fashion brand like the ones he worked for years ago.  He explains his life a bit about his move from New Mexico to New York,  his design process, what a control freak he can be, and we get a chance to see how the man has faults like most of us, which can either work in his favor or against him.  Try and get all of that information delivered to you in the same way from a magazine article.

OWN: Tom Ford Visionary Documentary

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