No More Playing Dressed Up: Resort 2013 Collections.

You know the feeling after you’ve seen an entire collection from a particular designer or design house, you find yourself  getting a bit emotional over a couple of pieces that caught your eye, and then it becomes embedded into your mind like a virus that’s only cure is you owning those must-have fashion loves of your life.

–You’ve calculated a way in your head how to pay for them next season.

— You’ve shared with others how beautiful you think those specific pieces look sending them to websites or sharing the images you’ve saved on your phone, like you’re waiting for your adopted children to come home.

–You review runway shows to be reminded ever so often of how beautiful those pieces moved on the model.

And then the time finally arrives…

The new merchandise has hit the sales floors of your favorite stores, boutiques or websites, yet your drooling-induced pieces are no where to be found. What the flipping Andy Wharhol?  You’ve left wondering why the entire collection you saw on the runways months before isn’t available for us to buy?

Quite sure, some of you’ll know the process, but to those who aren’t aware, it’s all about the numbers.  If buyers don’t place enough orders for a particular style at the shows, or showroom visits, if there isn’t enough buzz over a particular piece, the designers don’t go into production with it, and you’re hoping, screw that, praying it’s not a piece that you fell in love with, like a kid around Christmas season.

There is one website though, who is helping us one trunkshow at a time, Moda Operandi.  Days after a designer or design house presents it collection, Moda Operandi has the entire collection on their website for 3-7 days for us to order our new stylish loves to our hearts’ contents.  We can pre-order any piece in our size weeks ahead of scheduled delivery for a deposit of 50%.  Let’s be fair here, since many pieces may never be available in stores, you’re getting the chance to order things that may never going into mass production, now doesn’t that make you feel special?  Your pieces are made,  Moda Operandi notifies you, the remaining balance is charged, and then your order is delivered to you!  People we’re getting closer to The Jetsons way of living, I can feel.

Now to get you’re pre-ordering juices flowing, Resort 2013 collections are available for us to get ourselves dolled up and prepared when the winter blues hits us the way this heat wave now has us thankful we saw, wanted, drooled and conquered purchased our summer pieces long before the first day of summer.

Time to visit Moda Operandi!

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