Monday Men Style: Lost Fashion Love On A Corner.

You did right man, Salute.

Yesterday I decided to take my new toy (Canon Rebel) out to play on the streets of Brooklyn.  My intentions were to showcase some men who should of showed us how they do Cool Man Sunday (was suppose to be the title of the post) at The Dance Africa Festival at The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

This was a coulda woulda, nada, nothing, zilch.  My gosh, this is suppose to be the one borough in New York that has the coolest men with the most swagga, and style not to be messed with, not the borough no on wants to mess with for all the wrong reasons.  Those men in attendance yesterday were dressed so poorly I didn’t want to waste the clicks, and the review time on my camera.  All was not lost though, you’ll see my Sunday Funday photos this week, don’t worry.

Quite sure you want to see photos of those badly dressed men, huh?  See if I did take those photos and shared them on my site, the emails will starting coming from those men who may think that they were wrongly accused of committing fashion crimes, then they might try to sue me for tarnishing their images, blah blah blah.  No one wants anyone bad-talking them nor have evidence for others to jump on the bandwagon.  So all I could do is play dress up with you guys.  Pretend I’m that special woman in your life who refused to let you leave the house looking like you slept in the clothes from the night before or dressed in the dark, or gained 25 pounds of fat or muscle so fast that you didn’t have time to get clothes that fit.

The photographs below, I hope will inspire some men and women.  Ladies who stood by there men yesterday, you are also responsible for the painful sight I saw yesterday.  There is nothing wrong with giving your significant other some guidance in the right direction. Just a little can go a long way, and I know we as women can be persuasive when we want to be.

Photos via Justin Chung Photography

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