Monday Men Style: Before There Was Color.


I have a new toy in my possession, it’s black, a bit heavy, expands with a turn and shows me something new ever time I play with it.  I’ve upgraded from my Sony click and shoot digital camera, to a Canon click and snap snap snap dslr camera. I’m paparazzi now ma!  Its my first dslr, and still breaking my baby in. With all the new features I’ve been getting familiar with, I just can’t stop snapping photos in black and white.  Without color, a photo can becomes timeless, mature not old.  You can’t help but focus more on story being told over the pretty colors that may distract you.

So you know what I’m giving you this week?  Ageless, memorable, mischievious, suggestive photos that used less to show us more.

Photos from various tumblr pages.

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