How Do You Say Goodbye To A Pair?

To love you should be ok with feeling pain.  For me, the longer I’ve had that love in my life, depending on the situation, it makes it easier to let it go when the time comes. The memories, and the lessons learned shall help me move on easier, but what about the new found loves that come into your lives, and leave before they can stay a couple of nights in your house or your apt?  You haven’t been able to show off your cute outfits for this love and see if it compliments your looks or not.

What about those nights out on the town when when your love puts you on a higher pedestal than everyone else around you?  My new love of buying my fashion online had me in a funk due to a pair of Leoffler Randall X Suno platforms I was forced to break up with before we could create beautiful, fashionable memories together.  This happened because of some brands/styles not being true to size, and I paid the ultimate price by  receiving a half size to small for my feet.

Being the newly, out of the closet, shoe addict I am, I’ve been know to rock shoes, half sizes to small before, only if I’m capable of faking the funk.  Unfortunately these new found loves couldn’t work its magic on my feet, and faking it wasn’t going to make our relationship last.

It’s truly sad though, I had big plans for LR x Suno x Romeostyle. We were suppose to go out with navy tights, 3/4 boy-shorts and a oversize sweater, for lunch dates. Night time was suppose to be our time to hit the competition with the jumpsuits, tight maxi skirts and crop jackets.  Our short-lived relationship was spent with short walks in my apt, me asking over and over again, “why do you have me feet hanging out from the back Suno? Why can’t you give me more space for my socks?  You had me believe you wanted me from the website now, it’s obvious this will not work out.”  I guess this pair was never meant to join the other soleful lovers in my life.  Wasn’t meant for us to create memories, be photographed together or be stared at huh?  It is harder to let go, only because of the unknown, but I should move on.  Holding on to what cannot be, prevents me from embracing what the future holds, some mirrored pumps or perspex heels!

Wish I may, wish I might, find another pair or soles to love tonight.

ModCloth Neons Away Sweater $29 // True Religion Natalie Knee Length Cut Off Shorts  $171 // Jewelry from top to bottom: Asos Aztec Seedbead Stretch Bracelet $18.18 /  Tinley Road Enamel Tribal Bangle $22 / Forever 21 Women’s Vibrant Tribal Bracelet $6 / Jessica Elliot Double Floating Finger Candy Ring $175

LR x SUNO Estrella platform wedge $179 and Loeffler Randall Valentine peep-toe wedge $375

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