In Case you Missed The Instagram

The week has ended, and today I’m working the streets like a very well-dressed fashionable street-walker.  So while I’m on the run, the apps run my world.  For the past two weeks, Instagram is reigning over my Iphone kingdom, and there is nothing I want to do about it.

I’ve had my account for awhile now, just so no one scooped in and took my name, but it wasn’t until last two months that I started to look at photos from people I follow, and the last two weeks, I’ve been going hard with my own pics, my comments, some likes and searching for the next person to follow.

Today I want to share some of my photos on Instagram. Some photos were not taken by me, so no credit taken, but that will be changing very soon with more photos from me, myself and moi.

You guys know that I couldn’t share these photos without comments. Go to my Webstgram profile on the web and/or my Instagram account @romeostyle

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