Shoe Gangs Invade Our Summer Lives.


I am one of their victims.  Got caught up in their illegal trade some years ago, my eyes are open, but I can’t stop what they’re doing to me.  In the past they stayed under the radar since it was only a single pair here and there, just enough to tease us with, but not too many at a time to have us going crazy. Now they’re getting bold and brave with their takeover, grouping together under a single name,  hitting the runways and the streets. Fashion brands are producing these sexy soleful criminals in groups and there is nothing we can do to fight against them.

They suck us in with their charm, good looks and countless possibilities for us to do some retail damage. They infect our dreams, both day and night ones, where we imagine these shoe gangs making new friends with our clothes.  We go so far as to let them aid us in getting a man or commit some of the seven deadly sins, envy, lust, and greed.

These show gangs will slowly, but surely integrating into our lives this summer, but I though it would help some of the shoe addicts out there if you got a good look at some of the gangs that will feed on our weakness.  It may help you be better prepared, so when they approach, you can handle them with caution.  Caution I say, because once you touch a pair, you’re done, you are theirs and there’s no turning back.

I know because I’ve been repeatedly victimized, and as these shoe gangs get bigger, it has become harder for me to look away and stop.  If anything I’ve just gotten worst.  So look at the gangs of shoes that will be doing a number on you when you shop this summer, and good luck with each season that goes by.

Aperlaï and Pierre Hardy are two of the most diverse gangs and the smartest ones.   I guess they figured, why limit themselves where hitting all looks and styles will get them into more households to do bad around the world to take it over.

Charlotte Olympia uses their ring leaders Rupunzel to get all the friends in to do a crime and Avalon always has a way to get all of them out.

 tried to give us some see through action, showing us more skin with these babies, hoping we’ll forget the blood underneath each heel. Ohh the murderers.



3.1 Phillip Lim and Jil Sanders joined forces to give us the ultimate mod gangsters ready to attack one hollow, half round heel at a time.

Walter Steiger gang members uses the sexy curves to hook you in.

Yvest Saint Laurent put those gold shields on some of their gang members to protect their supreme member, the golden bullet holder.

Prada is the fastest gang out there this season.  All I can sway about them is goodness, gracious great balls of fire.

Heavy Machine has all the armour to protect themselves from any haters or flying shoes that may be thrown their way.

Versace knows the higher you are, the fastest u can see when the authorities are coming, Now the question is how fast they can escape with all that height?


Tabitha Simmons figures that if you make heels that look pleasant and are sweet-smelling you’ll keep your nose to the ground and not focus on anything else around you. They want to blind you with sweet stuff.

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