Monday Men Style: They Did Something Special To Me Part 2

Some lights, camera, action and then these men start to work their charm.  It does get better once the camera stops rolling, and some, not all actors, can still grab your attention with their sharp sense of style.

This is to the men who has me undressing them once they flash that smile.  To the fellas that get me tingling after the opening credits on the movie screens.  To the ones who can do no wrong in my eyes due to the swagger on and off the screen, my men of film, I salute you all in your well-fitted trousered glory.

Making rough around the edges, sexy is a hard thing to do, but Steve McQueen did it while rocking some cable-knit sweaters, jeans, and leather jackets like no one else can in his day.

From 21 Jump Street to Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp‘s style is all his own no matter what character he plays.

Paul Newman is what movie legends are made of. With those goods looks, and relaxed style how could you not respect and want more of what this man was giving?

An actor who deserves more camera time is Derek Luke.  Good looks is an added bonus when watching him act, but seeing him all donned-up in magazines or on the red carpet, ohh it’s like icing on some chocolate cake!

Talking about chocolate cake, Idris Elba is in high demand these days and will be all over our movie screens for the next years, at least.  Who can blame everyone for wanting a piece of him, the man can act his behind off, and looks good in everything.  The last sentence has yet to be confirmed, but I am offering my myself to do so personally!

This man was made for the big screen with those chiseled looks.  Robert Redford was also blessed with the ability to make basics look like a pulled together, expensive outfit for our current favorite street-styling.



I saved the best for last, and I beg others to disagree.  Ryan Gosling has the talent, attitude, and strut to pull off anything on his body.  Just so happens the man favors well-tailored pieces, on his well sculptured physique. Thanks to Gosling, when everything fits so well the world is better place to look at.


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