No See Hear Or Speak Fashion Series: I See Afros Of Blue.

Adding color to ones look is a beautiful thing. The right colors on the right girl can create a double-take moment, but when I saw Nigella Miller working at Topshop, I just more than a one-two snap, it was a stare down.  No shame, actually stopped paying attention to what she was telling me.

Ms. Miller, freelance hairstylist, and sales assistant at Topshop makes her presence known with her tattoos, love of rings on both hands, and a blue afro that you can’t hate on.

I couldn’t help but click click, snap snap her into my no see hear or speak series. Wasn’t going to let this creative one pass me by. We started talking about her creative projects, be it hair or other things, and I’m hoping that a Tumblr page is in Nigella’s future very soon.

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