GuGu GaGa For Christian Siriano for Payless Fall 2012.


Let’s practice pronoucing the names of all eight pairs of shoes from Christian Siriano for Payless collection because come fall there will be no time to look up the style name or try describing it to the sales person.

Decided what you want with conviction, if they don’t have the style you love at one location, you should be able to list the backups so they’ll call other locations for you in minutes. I’m not sure if they’ll be selling these heeled beauties online, but if they decide to, you know it will be a first one to click pay, first one to get the pair situation, so pick and chose your must-have long before they hit stores and online.

To make it easier, think of these shoes as children or pets who have been named long before you’ve finalized your adoption. ¬†The only way these children or pets will answer to you is if you address them by their proper names.

So let’s get started.








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  • Eva

    These are pieces of art! I love all of them, especially Arabella (I seriously did try pronouncing the names lol). Beautiful post!

  • Thank you for your comment. I also checked out your blog. Loved your last DIY rope necklace.