Fashion Color Blocking Project Featuring Tina Bonsu

How do you help someone who embraces retail therapy on a weekly basis, has a new love for colors, and prints, and has closets filled with fashion goodies, some not yet worn?  How do I help her?  I don’t. I enhance, I revamp, and make sure her outfits are loud in all the right ways.

Her name is Tina Bonsu, Senior Manager of Program and Delivery at WebMD. For as long as I’ve know her, Tina has always loved dressing up, but only started wearing beautiful printed dresses last year.  Now her need is to rock the grown and sexy look which got me thinking, why not leave the fun flirty printed dresses for her vacations, and weekends brunch dates, and take color-blocking to the extreme like a rubic’s cube with heels.

So I used most of the bright, rich and pastel-colored pieces from Tina’s closet to mix and match, creating double looker outfits that wouldn’t require much more than than a good pair of heels and simple jewelry, keeping the focus on the woman.

Style Tip: You don’t always have to wear the darker color on the bottom, try the reverse using the same color family or a rich color on top and a neutral or very light-colored bottom.

Style Tip: We’re use to our jackets being the dark piece of our entire outfit, with the explosion of colors this spring/summer try the the lighter things in outerwear!

If you want to create some of these looks, check out my suggestions on my Color Blocking Project Board.


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