Monday Men Style: Tip Of The Hat To Another Season.

With new seasons we should try to move on to new things create new looks and have fun with what the season ahead us has to offer.  I’m trying to convince myself using those words so I can put my brim beauties into the boxes and shelf them, now that spring has sprung, and some of my hot day hairstyles may not work with my fall/winter hats.

Isn’t it funny, when you try to move on from something, it keeps popping up all over the place? Well this pop-up situation I surely didn’t mind, cause it involved gawking at good looking men under their own brim loves.

Somehow staring at these men, in their Sunday, Monday or fashionable best, and admiring how they made these hats their own, has helped help put my own hats to rest, if  just for a couple of months, or maybe until I find lightweight, chic summer versions.

Photos from tumblr blogs mensfashionfabric gthegentleman

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