Monday Men Style: Q&A With Glen Graham.

It’s always nice to see someone you’ve known for years grow, and evolve into a person who can teach, and inspire others in this creative industry we love.  Glen Graham, Photographer and Videographer, is designing an entirely new category with the style of videos he creates and photographs he snaps, all the while maintaining his double looker presence.  Definition: A person who’s irresistible or alluring head to toe look that can have me swiftly turn my head twice towards his or her direction in less than 5 seconds, deserves the Double Looker Title.

Glen Graham is one who’s been a D.L for quite some time.  With his sense of style he has always been one to put his best converse clad foot out the door, now his body of growing professional work, which includes a photography ebook, Beauty In The Shadows, also deserves a title, Stare Down.  Self explanatory.

Glen Graham at work no matter the season

Vital Stats

Name: Glen Graham 

Stomping Ground: I’m just a kid from the Bronx who got lucky.

Age: Old enough to love romantic candlelight dinners, too young for feeding pigeons.

Most beloved possession: My integrity

Favorite quote is “We are all born an original don’t die a copy.”

Last song listened to was Excuse Me Miss by Jay-Z

Q: How did you go from web designing to photography/videographer?

GG: Clients wanted to pay me less money every year for my web design services but, expected me to do more. A web designer in today’s market needs to be part rocket scientist, part secretary. I’ve had interest in doing video or photography for some time and when I discovered I could do both on the same camera I decided to go for it!

Q: What type of creative projects are you drawn to?

GG: I love projects where I’m allowed the creative freedom to take risks, and not play it safe. I think mediocrity thrives on not taking enough risks.

Q: I’ve noticed most of your videos and photographs can be defined as dark, a bit sensual or R-rated, am I right?  How would you describe your body of work?

GG: I am attracted to the darker, mysterious and sexy side of life. I don’t know how I would classify my style of videos I’m still a newborn.

Q: Where do you find to be the most visually inspiring place to photograph?

GG: It all depends on the mood I’m in, when I’m in my zone I see endless possibilities in the most uninteresting places.

Q: If you could create your dream project, where would it be and with who? Set the scene.

GG: I’m already living the dream each day, I’m from New York! After a few trying incidents, I decided only to work with professionals serious about their craft. That is the most significant criteria for me working with anyone going forward.

Q: What is the most stylish movie you’ve ever watched?

GG: I’m going to have to cheat and throw in a TV show as well lol.  The most stylish movie I would say is Harlem nights, and most stylish TV show is Mad Men. I absolutely love the styles from that time period. 

Q: Would you ever become a street-style or fashion photographer? Why or Why not?

GG: Probably not, because I don’t like feeling limited by titles. I shoot whatever inspires me at the moment. For now, I’m enjoying the ride.

Q: Has any other of your photography or videography projects influenced your style or outfits at one time or another?

GG: Everything I come in contact with has some impact on my style in one way or another.

Q: Describe your personal style.

GG: Modern Classic Fusion. 

Q: Whose personal style has influenced your own?

GG: The people in the media that the masses look to for fashion don’t even dress themselves, most of them use stylists, so I’m not sure who to give credit to.  My style is influenced by the 60’s to the early 90’s everything after is a remake of the same styles that keep coming back.

Q: What are five fashion pieces you’ve kept in heavy rotation throughout the years?

GG: My hats, a pair of skinny leather suspenders, a handmade suit, a thin black leather jacket, and dark blue denim jeans.  Last but not least my smile. When I wear a smile I feel my best because the world smiles back.

Q: Where do you shop frequently?

GG: I like shopping at vintage stores because when I find a nice item I don’t have to worry about seeing someone else wearing the same thing.

Q: What websites do you visit often for inspiration, education and just leisure?

GG: Off hand I would say for inspiration, and for education and leisure.

Q: What fashionable words of wisdom would you like to share with others?

GG: Develop your own sense of style, be different, and by different I don’t mean wearing a captain crunch jacket, and a gold eye patch. Don’t wear the exact same outfit that was on the mannequin in the store.

Page from Glen's Photography Ebook Beauty In The Shadows
Glen Graham showing the dark side of photography
Glen Graham showing the dark side of photography


What Goes around ( Split Screen music video) from Glen Graham II on Vimeo.

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