Monday Men Style: Go Hard or Stay Home.

Fashion month is coming to a close in a few days and I sure the French will end it in high Parisian style.
Before that happens lets take it back to good old New York City where the most important fashion week kicked off for the F/W 12 season. This post is to the men in this fine city who’s swagga is like no other.  To the men who can make rough look sexy, a somewhat untidy appearance encouraged, plus rips and tears within their clothes, trend-setting.

These NYC bad boys know what they’re doing, and the other cities around the world just have to continuing staring, glaring, coping and hating.

So for the men out there who are too afraid to step it up, especially the guys who hold back in New York City, you have to set an example for the other cities, put them to shame, and put smiles on the faces of women and men ( I don’t judge)  who walk on these uneven pavements every day with you.

All photos via StreetFSN


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