Youtube Video: Fashion Style Mobile.

If memory serves me right, once upon a time, the laptops were created as our portable computers. The first versions were heavy, and not pretty to look at, but still small enough to fit into our hobo handbags. As the years have come and gone, the laptops have become our new desktops and they’re lighter than ever for the fast-pace lives we live. Yet most of us no longer take out laptops or Macbooks with us when we travel, especially if we have smart phones, Ipads and ┬áTablets.
This is where I get to the fun part. Blogging using our mobile devices. Wouldn’t it be nice to just use our fingers to tap tap tap awy until we hit that Publish button?
Well I only have an IPad as my mobile computer when I travel, so I just created a video showing the apps and steps used to create, caption, crop and complete a post for my website when I’m on the go. What What. ┬áHope this helps some of you’ll out there.

Psss Check out my Youtube channel people, RomeoStyleTV. I’m getting into the talking thing and questions will be answered there.

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