Video: Japan Vogue March 2012 Presents Matador.

Years ago, before I happily started meddling within the fashion world, I would have my imaginary fashion shows in my head while flipping through the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and W, sitting on the train to and from work, and listening to the songs from my special play-list created just for my magazine time. ┬áI would imagine changing around some of the outfits that were on the models, and the music on my ipod be the soundtrack for each fashion spread I revamped in my head.

Now, let’s flip those pages forward to this past weekend and me realizing it’s been over a year, almost two, since I created one of my fashion spread videos. Acknowledging that just made me cringe. It’s either the time flies excuse or way too many distractions that have kept me away from this. Last one was Refined Rebel by Nick Knight.

I look at creating theses videos as another step on my own yellow brick road. A step closer to me actually putting together the outfits on the models, the order they will appear on the runway or within those magazine pages and the final touch, hearing the right music playing to complete the chic story being told with the clothes.  Nothing like bringing those train ride fantasies to reality.

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