Call It a Hat, Fedora, Or Topper, It Got Me.

As of late, I haven’t left my apartment without some type of hat or head-wrap covering my hair.  It began because I’ve been too lazy to go and get my hair braided professionally and I can only rock the well-picked Afro for so long before the hats came into play.  

Now the toppers have been ruling for the last month and I’ve added some more to the already expanding wide-brimmed family.  I couldn’t believe the deals I scored online with the colors and fabric choices available.  The hats were also standout accessories worn by editors and stylists during fashion week.  Get your show-off time in before the masses catch on to this brimmed way of life.

Hats from Left to Right: Topshop Navy Trilby $50 // Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora $150 // Helene Berman Wool-felt trilby $70  // Gucci Rabbit-felt Fedora $450

Hats from Left To Right: Topshop Two Tone Trilby $50 // Topshop Black Floppy Fedora $50 // Rag & Bone Navy Floppy Brim Fedora $150 // Catarzi Exclusive For Asos Wide Front Fedora Hat $25

Hats from Left to Right: Helene BermanWide-brimmed wool-felt hat $80 // Topshop Curved Felt Pork Pie hat $50

Street style images from Tumblr


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